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Partnerships over the years

During the last 21 years, Global Forum signed partnerships with an impressive number of sponsors, mainly IT&C companies but also organizations from other sectors.

Please see below our main partners, listed in alphabetical order:

Opportunities for sponsors at Global Forum
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Meet international political leader, regional and local government leaders, global and national regulators, top IT&C consultants and associations.
Get the latest news on what happens worldwide, about the Internet of the future, emerging and new trends in IT&C, new or future regulations.

Extend your relationship channel and business network in a special environment. Global Forum is different from any IT&C event you know. It’s where participants get acquainted quickly and discuss freely about initiatives.

For the last 21 years, Global Forum has been the place where long lasting relationships were built, and where partnerships which have added considerable value were discussed, thus becoming one of the IT&C events that gave birth to important national and international projects.


Bloomers Consulting is Items International representative in Eastern Europe


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