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   Dr. Sylviane Toporkoff President
   Sébastien Levy Vice-President
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General view on Global Forum organizers

Global Forum is a not-for-profit initiative of Items International and the Foundation Sophia Antipolis.

The Forum is led by Dr. Sylviane Toporkoff, President and Mr. Sébastien Levy, Vice-President.

Dr. Sylviane Toporkoff, Founder Partner of Items International, President of Global Forum, created and launched the “Global Forum / Shaping the Future” initiative in 1992 and has run the event for 18 years now all around the world.

Usually, Global Forum is organized each year with the support of the European Commission and in partnership with a National Government and/or a Local Municipality from where the event takes place.

Additionally, there are other supporting partners who help Items International each year to offer one of the major IT&C events worldwide – mainly some important associations and foundations.

The Global Forum 2009 edition was organized with the participation of the European Commission, the support of the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information Society, the Romanian Intelligence Service, the National Foundation of Young Managers and many other partners.

Mr. Virgiliu Stan, representative of Items International in Romania and member of the Global Forum Steering Committee was General Manager of the Edition in Romania .

About Items International

Items International is an international consulting firm based in Paris, dedicated to delivering Information & Communication Technology (ICT) strategies.

The company’s scope of work covers: Strategic consultancy on telecommunications, TV and Media, market segmentation, support to the development of European businesses in the US, Japan and other countries, as well as of foreign businesses in Europe.

Research and development in areas such as regulatory policy and economic aspects, interconnection issues, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) market research and international comparative analyses, strategic development for industrialists, operators and local/ regional/ national authorities. Please check Items website for an impressive list of customer references.

Items annually organizes the “Global Forum / Shaping the Future” Think Tank in association with the Sophia-Antipolis Foundation, the European Commission and a number of international sponsors and experts.

About Sophia Antipolis Foundation

The French Sophia Antipolis Foundation was created in 1984 by Senator Pierre Laffitte, and received state-approval for playing a fundamental role in the development of scientific and cultural activities.

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage the exchange of ideas and cooperation in scientific, industrial and cultural matters at a national, European and international level, in order to create a new entrepreneurial culture, thereby turning Sophia Antipolis into an experimental laboratory for the future.

Sophia Antipolis is a Science Park taking pride in being internationally recognized as one of the most dynamic and fastest growing technological and scientific hubs in Europe and a “best practice” site for innovation.

Today Senator Pierre Laffitte is also in charge of the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Network mission by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the framework of the UPM Union for the Mediterranean.

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